This is “PPC Dude”, a page dedicated to advanced PPC marketing with AdWords and Bing Ads. You won’t find tutorials on which keyword match types AdWords provides or what “CTR” is here. Instead you might find scripts helping you in your daily analysis, philosophical comments on how to interpret KPIs with statistical backup or tips on how to manage data far beyond Excels 1 Million rows limit, how to create reports in seconds and why to use the programming language Python for PPC account creation.

I have been working in PPC for around five years now. I have been managing accounts with large budgets and did strategical and operative consulting for some of the biggest ad spenders in Germany. I am very interested in the geeky-techy part of PPC marketing and always try to find ways of making my daily work as convenient as possible by automating the most boring parts of PPC. With this blog I like to share some of my findings with you.

You might find spelling mistakes or weird grammar in my blog posts. Please be tolerant as I am not a native English speaker. 🙂